About Us

Why ReviewUs

With a billion smartphones in the hands of customers and the internet at the fingertips of curious consumers, there has never been a more important time for businesses to take control of their online reputation.

There has never been a time where customers could share their experiences with the entire world, instantly, and because of this... there has never been a time that these businesses needed the tools and the knowledge of a professional to manage their online reputation, marketing and customer communication.

The first rule of becoming a successful salesmen is "Believe in what you sell and you will sell it successfully". ReviewUs offers Sales Agents cutting edge tools that businesses not only want, they NEED!

Customers: Give customers a voice. The most important part of any business is the customer and their experience is becoming an exponentially more important part of marketing. There is nothing more frustrating than having an issue go unanswered.

This frustrating experience is the cause of 80% of all negative reviews. We help make sure problems are fixed before they become a negative experience and then help facilitate the process of sharing their positive experience with the world.

Businesses: Give businesses information. With the invention of the internet, the boundaries of a business no longer stop at the sign outside their door. Anyone can search for a business at any time and can improve or damage the reputation of this business.

It only takes a few seconds for a customer to write a review that will last a lifetime, one that can never be erased. Its important for a business to have the proper tools and the professionals to manage their reputation. With our tools we don't just help talk about a better business... we help make the business better.

Sales Agents: Extra income! Its hard to find a 2nd job to supplement income on your own terms. You either need to get a second job and work on someone else's hours, invest in your own businesses with no guarantees it will become successful or pay start up fees before you are sure you can sale one of the many other products out there.

ReviewUs is a simple way to start making income instantly, selling a product you believe in and be proud of knowing that it is actually making a difference in the lives of everyone involved.

Our commission structure is incredibly fair, giving you instant commissions per business you sign up, as well as high percentage residuals every month.

Sales Directors: Build a team! ReviewUs not only gives you a chance at supplementing your income, it gives you the opportunity to make a lucrative career helping businesses and building a sales team that offers huge residuals.

Your valuable sales experience and your success story will help change the lives of people in your sales team, motivating them to become just as successful as you!